An Independent strategic branding & packaging design agency led by Eko Widarto.

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We partner with the industry’s top talent, hand selected for the specific needs of our clients.
Eko Widarto
Founder & Executive Creative Director


Brand Strategy

We help you develop and implement brand strategies that purposely guide how consumers think, act and talk about your brand in a world where everything is shared instantly online.

Strategy Services
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Architecture
• Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking
• Value Proposition
• Brand & Product Naming
• Brand Tagline Development

Brand Identity

We craft a unique narrative for brands to engage in a meaningful way with their audience, from memorable logo marks to powerful visual assets, that live in both digital and printed worlds.

Visual Identity
• Logotype
• Brand Color Palette
• Typography System
• Patterns / Graphics
• Iconography
• Brand Guidelines Manual
• Print & Sales Collateral

Verbal Identity
• Brand Voice
• Brand Messaging & Storytelling
• Tagline & Slogans
• Content Strategy

Motion Identity
• Logo Animation
• Typography Animation
• Color & Visual Effect
• Motion Graphics
• Sound Design

Packaging Design

Our packaging design services drive sales by creating captivating and functional solutions that resonate with your audience. With expertise in strategy and design, we ensure your packaging stands out while aligning with your brand.

• CPG Packaging Design
• Food & Beverage Packaging Design
• Packaging Design
• Structural Design
• Prototyping
• Mockup and Visualization
• Design Consulting

Digital Strategy

Elevate your brand through our bespoke digital strategies, driving growth and fostering innovation.

• Digital Strategy
• Digital Collateral
• E-commerce
• Website Design and Development
• Social Media Strategy
• Social Media Guideline
• Social Media Content Production
• Social Media Management
• Social Media Audit & Analysis

Hospitality & Retail

• Restaurant Branding
• Store Layout & Interior Design
• Food Packaging Design
• Creative Consulting
• Signage Design
• Environmental Design
• Retail & Point-of-Sale

Creative Production

• Art Direction
• Photography & Videography
• 3D Animation
• Motion Graphics
• Commercials
• Print & Sales Collateral Design
• Digital Design
• Illustration

Design that transform brands and drive sales.
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Design that transform brands and drive sales.
Design that transform brands and drive sales.
Design that transform brands and drive sales.